Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal Identity: Travis "AwesomeTRX" Productions

Travis Ragbeer - CyberARTS Year Four student - Branding and Visual Identity Assignment. The purpose of this assignment was to create a visual identity for myself in my chosen creative career area. My company “Travis Ragbeer” Productions creates videos, posters and other types of promotional media for small and/ or upcoming companies. My colour scheme and design helps identify the urban, yet formal professionalism  personality of my company.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black & White Plus One: Proposal

For this 'Black and White plus One' assignment, I've decided that I want to create a photo of of a small crowd of people, but isolate one person, and replace them with a 'cut-out drawing' of that person, to show individuality, and uniqueness amongst all kinds of people.

I plan to take a photo where there usually are a lot people, like downtown Toronto, or a neighbourhood that is usually busy, and have someone be within the crowd, but also very noticeable in the photo, so I can physically recreate them into a drawing. After I was content with my drawing, I would scan the drawing to my computer and replace my drawing with the photographed version. I believe this would show uniqueness of individuals especially if I can really make the singular person stand out from the crowd, after filters and photo adjustments.


Boyz N The Hood GIF.

This GIF is the scene from, "Boyz N The Hood", a movie about the struggles of living in a 'ghetto neighbourhood' in California and the young people that envolve themselves into gangs.
In this specific senario, the character, Tre is stopped by some gang members from an other area of town, as they stop they're car and point a shotgun towards him. Tre stands in shock and fright to the shotgun, which is my main focus of my GIF. I noticed his subtle movements of this eye-opening situation, and isolated that in order to focus on how scared he is.    

Friday, September 27, 2013

Movie Trailer Parody: Scarface!

The Process
- I decided to use one of my favourite movies, "Scarface" to do this assignment. When I picked this movie I already imagined this as being flipped into a comedy. Since the movie was mainly filled with city gang, & mob violence, it was going to be fairly difficult to find some funny scenes. I figured that I could have some kind of pop song, that also sounded pretty amusing to the scenes I put together. 

Sound Choices
- When it came to what I'd use for the sounds, I knew that I wanted to use a certain type of song. I knew that it would change the mood of the clips. Since the movie and trailer contains suspenseful/ action type music, it would be a flip on the mood based on what you hear. The music used in the original trailer, gives it the look that it might be a very action filled, but give it a classic sounding, pop song, and it gives it an amusing feel. I used the instrumental to the song, "Get Lucky - by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell". 

How I did
- I personally think that my video trailer has changed moods mainly based on the background music. I believe if I had more time to brainstorm and add more ideas to add to the storyboard process, my parody trailer could look more professional. I also could have maybe looked at more clips from the full movie and carefully find things that were humorous.

Please compare how I did based on the original trailer. See if I was successful in turning the real "Scarface" trailer into a comedy trailer, as I intended to.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travis on a Canvas...

This is my self portrait I painted in art class. This took a couple weeks to complete.

In class we took photos of ourselves to help lead to our paintings. I really liked the photograph that resembles this, so it was my obvious choice. After having my set image I needed to choose a style I wanted to paint it in. I really liked keeping it realistic so stuck with that.

We stretched our own canvases and prepped them to be painted on at first. I lightly used a pencil to mark the areas of the face to try to proportion it on the canvas, just to make it easier for myself.

I started off by mixing some paints together to create a base colour to start from. I used the colours I ended up using for my skin tone. I mixed burnt siena, white, and a bit of yellow ochre. I used this as a great base to build the face features and surprisingly the hair. Since everything besides my skin tones are dark colours, I either added more burnt siena and/or black to fill it.

I really learnt how to build an image from a base colour which is very similar to Rembrant's style of painting (the style I based my choice from).
I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I wouldn't want to change a thing from it.   

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I really like this kinetic typography. You should check it out!

Our Art Gallery of Ontario Trip

This is a collage of images I took personally at the A.G.O.

It was a real great time going on a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario. We got to see famous artists' works and learned different styles of artwork and techniques of how these artists went about creating their art. There was also a great amount of sculptures and other engraved pieces.

I personally liked the artwork that had to do with "Christianity" and the times of Christ. I was so fascinated with these pieces because I knew most of the stories that the pictures were trying to portray. I could never forget this large sculpture of Jesus on the cross. I paid extra attention to the details and positioning of this sculpture. After seeing these I was considering into getting into sculpting or creating more religious drawings/ paintings.

We all looked at the different varieties of portraits, to help us with techniques or certain styles for creating our own self portraits we will be doing in art class soon. I already decided to go about the style Rembrandt does with his portrait, using more earth colours and darker set backgrounds.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this trip and would consider going back on my own time to get more observant look at the different pieces of art.